11. Newsletters

Social networks change, but e-mail does not. If a follower has given you their email address, it is because they are really interested. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach your fans with full control over the messaging and format.

We can handle the template design, copywriting, and sending the newsletter, in addition to all the work needed to obtain and store contacts, related legal requirements, etc. We have worked with technology in the field, such as: Salesforce, Neolane, Mailchimp, etc.


As we said before, social networks can change, but having a fan’s e-mail address is one of the longer-living things in this constantly changing digital world. In addition, it has been widely demonstrated that it is one of the most effective commercial tools.

Having a good database allows you to get to know your audience better, and send them directly important information about new releases, tour dates, merchandising items, etc.


We know customer relations! Our team has worked with CRM technology since 2000. In fact, Álvaro Rebollo Ena, responsible of los amigos digitales, launched the initial BMG Spain newsletter system at that time, later migrated to Adobe Neolane, and more recently (already in Sony Music) to Salesforce. He has also worked with MailChimp, one of the most popular CRM platforms.

Álvaro has been behind the mailing lists of numerous Spanish artists, not only in terms of shipments, templates, copywriting, but also regarding actions to increase the number of contacts on the lists, or cross-selling opportunities. Álvaro has always been a great defender of CRM, as his own project Club Filtr proves, a loyalty platform based on rewards which takes advantage of the possibilities provided by Spotify Connect.