3. Websites, Apps and Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

We take care of the development of your website. Artist, Label, a landing page or even a website for a specific action, los amigos digitales does it all. Plus, we can take care of hosting and maintenance.

And if it really makes sense, we can implement your App (or PWA), so that your followers can stay up to date on all things you!


It is not enough to be present on social networks and content platforms, since these will change over time, both in terms of the volume of users they bring together (and therefore the importance they have for your goals), and in terms of how they function. Initially, for example, you may get a good reach organically;

but as the specific network becomes more popular, you may have to pay to achieve that same reach. However, with your own website (plus Apps or PWAs) you will be the owner of your communication and your followers will always know where to find you.


We have developed websites in this space for many years (almost since they were born!). In fact, we launched the first BMG website in Spain (click2music.es) back in the year 2000. Since then, we have led the development of countless websites for artists, specific actions, labels, etc. We have developed in Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, with custom developments based on PHP and MySQL on Linux, etc. We know how to create the website to fit your goals and beyond.

Throughout all these years we have learned what works, more importantly, what does not work, and we are up to date on the latest trends within the sector. We have also implemented Apps (and PWAs); although always with a critical eye regarding their possible application. We do not believe that anyone should have an App just for the sake of having it, but rather when it makes sense, the App (or PWA) must offer a service different than the one a responsive/mobile first website can offer.