13. English and Portuguese Translations

If you need to reach an international audience, you will reach more by addressing them in English… and in that case, the presentation will be disastrous if the text includes misspellings or expressions that sound like they have been translated by a machine. Count on us to provide texts that will be read as if they were written by a native.

We can also offer you this same service for Portuguese (of Portugal).


If you want to reach an international audience. In English, you cannot reach them with a text with misspellings, incorrect expressions, literal translations from Spanish, etc. All this will give a terrible image of your project abroad,

contributing to not getting the success you hoped for. Invest in a good translation and save yourself the trouble. Also, as we said before, we can provide you with this same service for Portuguese (from Portugal)!


We have a team of native collaborators, in both languages, with whom we work to ensure the texts in those languages will be read just as if they had been originally written (and very well) by natives… as it will be the case!

In addition, our team is already very used to working in the music sector and know its “expressions”. Your message will sound “perfect” (or “muito bem”) with our help!