10. Online Events Broadcasting

It does not matter if you broadcast a simple interview via Facebook, or a full concert recorded with several cameras on YouTube; you can count on us to ensure the broadcast takes place without a hitch and will be of the best possible quality.

Forget about the technical requirements, and simply focus on what will make the biggest impact: Your appearance in front of your fans!


The internet allows you to reach your followers directly, without any intermediary needed. Do you have an important announcement to make? Get in front of the cameras and tell them directly.

You can do it via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, integrate the video on your website, etc. You can also use these tools to broadcast a launch concert live, or whatever you can think of. The limit is your imagination!


los amigos digitales has a lot of experience broadcasting different events online, always linked to the music world, and of very different magnitudes: from an artist statement, with just a single camera; to an interview with a moderator; or a whole concert with several cameras, live performance, mixing board recording!

We work with collaborators with whom you can meet all your needs. We not only deal with the technical details, but we can advise you on the event development, its announcement, digital actions to achieve maximum impact…