12. Legal Requirements

GDPR, DPL, Check-in, cookie notice, data file… must all be taken into account to store e-mails in a mailing list, launch a website, set up a sweepstake or promotion, etc.

We take care of everything, so that whatever you do digitally is completely legal and you are not exposed to any problems.


Apart from the fact that the legislation in Spain (and in Europe) can be quite harsh, and the penalties (if you are doing something wrong) are high; your followers deserve special treatment. You will need to let them know the use you are going to make of the data they provide you,

how the promotion to which they have signed up works, etc. Make sure that you comply with all the legal requirements when launching a website, a mailing list or a promotion, and do not violate DPL, GDPR, CCPA, cookies regulations, etc.


We have a lot of experience launching promotions in the music world, as well as managing mailing lists and websites. We have always been very legal oriented, scrupulously complying with all the requirements in each moment,

and we want you to not experience legal trouble from your communications. In addition, we work with a group of collaborators, legal professionals and great connoisseurs of the music world, with whom we can solve any need you may have in this field.