9. Advertising Campaigns on Spotify

Reach the free Spotify users with audio ads. In addition to launching a campaign and managing it, we can also take care of audio ad creation.

Additionally, we can launch advertising campaigns with other formats, such as banners, videos or the impressive HPTO (Home Page Take Over). As with other campaigns, we can take care of creating the materials.


Spotify, unlike other paid streaming platforms (such as Apple Music or Tidal), does have a free access mode (with advertising); there are many users who choose this access. Through Spotify advertising campaigns you can reach users and

improve the numbers of your music on Spotify at the same time: The more they listen to your songs, the more playlists the users place them in… the more attention your music will get from the platform, and the better its results. It’s a matter of starting the ball rolling!


Álvaro Rebollo Ena, responsible of los amigos digitales, has worked with and set up advertising campaigns for Spotify since its launch in Spain in 2008. These types of tasks have always been linked to the music world: announcing singles, albums, tour dates, playlists, etc.

Throughout all this time, he has seen how different advertising formats (such as HPTO or video) have appeared, as well as refined the best way to advertise on this platform. He has also taken advantage of the possibilities offered by Spotify Connect to create innovative actions integrated with campaigns.