4. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are available in more and more homes, and there are still very few artists (or other music business players) taking advantage of their possibilities. This lack of attention allows the owners of these platforms (or others, such as the streaming services) to manage this communication channel.

Count on us to access your follower’s speakers and directly send them information about upcoming concerts, new releases, or just the playlists they should listen to.


Smart speakers are part of the decoration of more and more homes around the world. Their owners are getting used to interacting with them to check the weather, order food, control house lights, and also to request information about artists or request that certain music is played.

The platforms that own the speakers (Amazon, Apple, Google) are the ones that manage these services, unless providers have launched specific services (and users have found them). Don’t let others speak for you! Communicate directly with your followers in this new medium.


We work with collaborators who are succeeding in this new medium, investigating all its possibilities, and all the benefits that can be obtained from it. Add to that our experience of more than 15 years

in the digital environment in the music world, means that we can make recommendations about what you should consider in this new communication channel with your followers, and develop it for you.