7. Advertising Campaigns on TikTok

TikTok is, as they say, “the leading destination for short-form mobile video”. It merged with Musical.ly, a social network specialized in sharing music videos, in 2018.

Right now, it is the hottest app among the younger generation and a catalyst of many recent hits. You should not neglect this platform. Besides offering a platform for viral content, TikTok allows for advertising. You can grow your fanbase by reaching them where they are already looking for content.


Your fans are already there. TikTok is one of the most popular music Apps right now, especially among the younger generation. As previously seen with Musical.ly (the App that TikTok bought and merged with in 2018), many music hits have had their origin in the virality of the medium.

In fact, many songs are now created with 15 second segments in mind, to take advantage of TikTok. In addition to focusing on organic growth on the platform, you can also launch advertising campaigns.


In the middle of 2010 we had already worked with artists and Musical.ly, to increase the popularity of some of their songs using the tools provided by this platform. Since then we have followed the unstoppable evolution of TikTok (the Chinese company, ByteDance, bought Musical.ly

and in 2018 moved the users to its homegrown app: TikTok). We have a lot of experience launching successful advertising campaigns on different platforms and now we have access to TikTok’s advertising platform. The sky is the limit!