8. Spotify Playlists and Profile Management

Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform worldwide, with a free access mode based on advertising.

Make use of all the power it puts at your disposal to reach your entire audience there! We can keep your profile up to date and manage and promote your playlists. We have worked with Spotify since its launch in Spain, and we know how to achieve the best results.


Spotify is the most popular streaming platform in the world. Although there are now other alternatives (such as Apple Music or Tidal), the possibility of a free access means Spotify still has many more users. A benefit for you, it is one of the platforms offering artists more control.

An artist or group can establish their profile, create and maintain their own playlists, etc. These options, together with a good launch strategy (inside and outside the platform), can undoubtedly make the difference between a single being successful or going unnoticed.


Because Álvaro Rebollo Ena, responsible of los amigos digitales, has worked with Spotify since its launch in Spain in 2008. In fact, he created the Sony Music Spain profile on this platform. Initially it was called “mejoresplaylistsspotify”, until the profiles internationalization, and the migration to “Filtr Spain”

(in line with the rest of the major profiles, such as “Digster” by Universal, and “Topsify” by Warner). He also launched many of that profile’s most popular playlists; such as “Latino Caliente”, one of the most internationally successful lists of that genre, with more than 500,000 followers.