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We improve Javier Botella’s website SEO

20 June, 2022 - Projects

We have been working with the popular artist for several weeks now, and in addition to helping him with his profiles on streaming platforms, we are trying to make his website more easily searchable. And… Read more

We develop the new Clara Lorenzo’s official website

10 June, 2022 - Projects

los amigos digitales are helping this promising artist with the music launching process. Thus, we have been managing the advertising campaigns on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram around her latest single (“Lo esencial”), and we… Read more

We help Nieve Sandía with the launch of their new single

23 May, 2022 - Projects

Nieve Sandía is the alternative pop project created in 2018 by Madrid-born singer and songwriter Javier Cuenca. In 2019 he released his first self-titled album, a five-song EP published by the independent label Malvadas Ardillas… Read more

We work with the new band CORADA

6 May, 2022 - Projects

CORADA is a new rock band led by Albert Serrano and Joanjo Bosk, and los amigos digitales have had the pleasure of helping them on their debut. The project begins at the end of 2021… Read more

We help PLATÓN to improve their digital presence

18 April, 2022 - Projects

We have been working for a few weeks now with Michel and Chuss, the members of PLATÓN, the popular band from the 90s. They had released a new album last year, but their presence on… Read more

We advertise digitally the Santero y Los Muchachos tour

8 April, 2022 - Projects

Actúa Music Entertainment has counted on los amigos digitales to help them with all the digital advertising campaigns in support of the new tour in acoustic format by Santero y Los Muchachos. Santero y Los… Read more

We help The Stirrings with “Elevation (take you higher)”

24 March, 2022 - Projects

The Stirrings, the experimental rock band with pop structures and a sound reminiscent of shoegaze, has decided to count on los amigos digitales so that their brand new videoclip connects with a broader audience around… Read more

Together with Emotional Events we work with Alúa

14 March, 2022 - Projects

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Emotional Events for months, the powerful concert promoter that is behind such well-known festivals as the Metellinum in Medellín (Badajoz), Los Conciertos de La Muralla in Alcalá de… Read more

We work with AGU in the launch of his musical project

25 February, 2022 - Projects

Agustín Orozco, the Sevillian musician living in China, has counted on los amigos digitales to advise him on everything related to the launch of his new musical project: AGU. Next Friday, March 11th, BREAK FREE,… Read more

We work with Carlos Bueso and Latrama Planners

26 January, 2022 - Projects

Latrama Planners, managers of the artist Carlos Bueso, have counted on los amigos digitales, and we are working together with them regarding the imminent release of Carlos’ new single “Le falta”, which will be released… Read more

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