We take care of Manolo García’s digital advertising campaign for the Madrid Book Fair

September 20, 2021 - Projects

Manolo García

Manolo García and his team have once again counted on los amigos digitales‘ support.

This time it has been because of the Madrid Book Fair, where Manolo García will be signing copies of “El fin del principio” (translated “The end of the beginning”) (for which, in fact, we helped in the past)

Thus, we have taken care of the campaign assets (banners for Google’s display network and spot for YouTube), as well as the set up and management of the digital campaigns on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

We have also counted once again with the collaboration of “Manolo García y compañía” (translated “Manolo García and company”), the unofficial page and humble tribute to Los Rápidos, Los Burros, El Último de la Fila, Manolo García, Quimi Portet, Carmen García… to spread as much as possible this campaign.

You can take a look at the spot clicking here or on the image below:

For los amigos digitales it is a pleasure to count with the trust of Manolo García and his team once again!