Our founder, Full Member of the Academy of Music of Spain!

January 15, 2024 - News

Our founder, Full Member of the Academy of Music of Spain!

The Board of Directors of the recently created Academy of Music of Spain has unanimously approved the membership of our founder, Álvaro Rebollo Ena, in the high category of Full Member, after evaluating his career and connection with the sector.

The Academy of Music of Spain is a non-profit association set up by a group of artists, authors, producers, editors, managers, promoters and others, with the primary purpose of bringing together, around it, all the music professionals, and encourage and proclaim excellence, solidarity, talent, work and effort, as intrinsic values ​​of the music community.

This group of working, vocational and professional people in the music sector has, as mission, to create the legal and functional conditions that allow us to welcome and represent, in this democratic and participatory association constituted as the Academy of Music of Spain, thousands of people who belong to the music community as professionals.

For us it is a real pleasure to be part of this point of convergence and meeting of music professionals, to help in everything we can from the area of ​​digital marketing in this sector, in which we are specialized, as well as to be able to offer an even better service to our clients.

In the coming weeks, the Academy of Music of Spain will let know more details about its official presentation, as well as regarding their first Awards in 2024.

Check its official website, academusica.es, to stay up to date with everything!