We work with Escenario Santander!

February 13, 2024 - Projects

Escenario Santander

Their responsibles have been counting on los amigos digitales for some time now so that we help them with the digital advertising campaigns of their gigs.

Escenario Santander is a reference place in the city, where all kinds of musical activities can be carried out such as rehearsals, recordings, auditions, teaching classrooms and concerts.

Their philosophy is to feed the constant programming of other venues and open new paths within a space that is able to offer different capacities.

It is able to transforming itself into a club with the best alternative proposals, of dressing up as a venue ready for the performing arts, a cinema or an avant-garde market, of a large discotheque, or of organizing a large festival in the thousands of square meters that surround it.

In addition, along with their varied concerts programming, they develop training courses and summer camps (School of Rock)

Their musical programming is very varied and intense. And at los amigos digitales we help them with advertising campaigns, targeted to the artists’ followers and alike people whenever possible, and with tracking on the Escenario Santander website.

Burning will be the next artist to step in their stage (this Friday), and with whose campaign we have had the pleasure of collaborating.

Be sure to follow them on socials (Facebook and Instagram), visit their website and check their agenda for the coming weeks. You’re sure to find a few concerts you wouldn’t want to miss!