We work with Ascariz & Ladrón de Guevara!

December 19, 2023 - Projects

Ascariz & Ladrón de Guevara

The prestigious representation and management agency for actors, actresses, comedians and screenwriters; as well as producers of their own projects, has counted on los amigos digitales for the digital advertising campaigns of their shows.

Thus, we are already announcing shows of artists such as Iñaki Urrutia, J J Vaquero or David Suárez.

In the case of Meta, directing these campaigns also to the followers and alikes of each of the artists.

And whenever possible, with ticket sales monitoring, to be able to know how the campaigns are working (in addition that the platforms are able to refine better their results this way)

It is a pleasure for us to work, not only in music, but in another sector like this, which we are also passionate about (and with which we laugh a lot, of course!)

You can find all the information about Ascariz & Ladrón de Guevara in their official website, www.ascarizyladrondeguevara.com.