We launch the new Borja Niso website

September 27, 2023 - Projects

Borja Niso

In addition, our founder has been appointed Marketing Manager in the artist’s team.

We have been working with the talented artist Borja Niso for more than a year already (you can read here the news article that we published in our website at the beginning of September last year when we had been doing it for a few months by then), and now we have taken care of his new official website development.

His website, like Cristina Gatell’s, which we also wrote about here a few weeks ago, is developed in WordPress, completely custom-made, from scratch.

It is fully updatable from the dashboard to which the artist has access, and has a Store section, which could be very easily connected to an e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, in a near future.

The website has all the sections that can be expected on an artist’s website, such as biography or tour dates, as well as a contact form and a mailing list so that anyone can contact Borja directly in a very simple way.

In the Contact section, Borja Niso presents the team that accompanies him on his journey, and we are very happy that our founder has been appointed by him as Marketing Manager.

It is a pleasure for us to work with Borja, and we hope that with our help his music connects with many more fans.

In fact, Borja is currently immersed in a powerful tour throughout Spain, with different shows (“El Sueño de Borja Niso” and “Ludovico Musical Experience”), so, if you are around, you will surely have the option to enjoy his show.

Check all the dates of his tour… at borjaniso.com, and hopefully see you at one of his concerts!