We advertise Borja Niso’s concerts

September 5, 2022 - Projects

Borja Niso

Borja Niso, the self-taught pianist with an impressive story behind (which you can read on his own words in his website), has counted on los amigos digitales to manage the digital advertising campaigns of his upcoming concerts.

We already worked with him and some of his tour dates, but now we will do so with all the ones that he has ahead, which are quite a few: For now, September 25th with Alberto Collado in Madrid; in this same city with his new show “El Sueño” on three dates from October to December; and in Altea, Logroño and Valladolid throughout those months.

For this we will launch digital advertising campaigns on different platforms, and with different ticket sellers. Whenever possible, we will implement monitoring to be able to know how many ticket sales each of the campaigns have generated, and thus be able to adjust the investments in the best possible way.

Borja Niso is one of the artists whose management is taken care of by Dámaso Caminero, with whom we have also had the opportunity to work advertising some Ramoncín gigs, and with whom, logically, we’ll work in a highly coordinated manner for these campaigns.

Read Borja’s story and check all his tour dates on his website: