We announce the Sotogrande Music Festival concerts

May 29, 2023 - Projects

Sotogrande Music Festival

We have been managing the digital advertising campaigns for Eternidad Eventos for over a year now, and for months we have been announcing the concerts of the prestigious Sotogrande Music Festival, which will be held during the months of July, August and September.

The concerts will take place on the stage installed at the Santa María Polo Club, and it is expected to exceed the figure of 8,000 attendees achieved last year, in its first edition.

Artists such as Pablo López, Manuel Carrasco, Lola Índigo, Vanesa Martín, Galvan Real, Antoñito Molina, SFDK, Raúle, India Martínez, Paco Candela, Antonio Orozco, Omar Montes, Pastora Soler and Ana Mena, to name just a few, will perform on its stage.

From los amigos digitales we have launched specific campaigns for each of the dates, to the followers and related users of each of the artists, whenever possible; as well as joint campaigns using the Facebook Carousel advertising format.

In addition, and thanks to the fact that we can monitor what happens both on the Eternidad Eventos website and on the Giglon website, the ticket agent with which this promoter usually works, we can generate related audiences with greater precision, launch retargeting campaigns, and stop showing ads to concert ticket buyers.

And for a few weeks we have been working with the Facebook conversion API both on the Eternidad Eventos website as on the Giglon one, with which we are able to obtain this information with greater accuracy, and even from Apple devices users, etc.

All this is allowing us to know how the advertising campaigns work, and to be able to adjust them so that their performance is optimal.

The ROAS (return on advertising spend) is, in fact, positive for all dates, reaching double-digit figures on many of them… and there is still plenty of time for artists to start hitting the stage.

Check all the concerts and get your tickets now on the official website of Eternidad Eventos. See you this summer at the Sotogrande Music Festival!