We advertise Johnny B. Zero’s concerts in Valencia and Madrid

April 11, 2023 - Projects

Johnny B. Zero

It is a great pleasure for los amigos digitales to help another artist working with Actúa Music (such as Santero and Los Muchachos) with the digital advertising campaigns for its concerts.

In this case it is Johnny B. Zero, one of the Valencian bands these recent years with a more honest and solid trajectory, based on two pillars: Striking and catchy songs, and the strong connection with their audience.

After several publications in English, they are preparing the premiere of their first album in Spanish.

“Fotógrafo” has been the first single and videoclip, which you can see here.

los amigos digitales have helped with a first phase of advertising campaigns for the concerts to present this album in Valencia and Madrid, on May 19th and June 2nd respectively.

The “ticket agent” for these concerts is Notikumi, and with it we have been able to monitor ticket sales.

Thus, in the second phase we will be able to launch retargeting campaigns on people who are interested in the concerts, and at the same time not to insist on those who have already bought their tickets.

At los amigos digitales, whenever possible, we like to work this way (with monitoring), being able to know how many tickets are sold, for what amount, and what is the ROAS of the advertising campaigns. It is the best way, without a doubt, to know the effectiveness of the campaigns, and to be able to refine them to the maximum.

See you at their concerts, either in Valencia or in Madrid! Get your tickets here before they are Sold Out!