Together with Emotional Events we work with Alúa

March 14, 2022 - Projects


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Emotional Events for months, the powerful concert promoter that is behind such well-known festivals as the Metellinum in Medellín (Badajoz), Los Conciertos de La Muralla in Alcalá de Henares or El Escénico de Illescas in that town; in addition to many top-level artists’ concerts at the most important stages throughout Spain (such as the Palau de les Arts in Valencia, or the Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid)

Emotional Events are also managers of artists like Dani Botillo… and now of Alúa, a new addition to their roster… and both have invited us to join their boat!

It is a pleasure for us to accompany Paula Espinosa and Sergio Zamit in their project’s birth. They already advanced some songs, but it was last Friday, March 11th, when the debut EP of their Alúa project was released (titled “Tesón y Cuenta Nueva”)

You can listen it by clicking here, or on the image below:

The EP, in his own words, is:

The summary of thousand days of travel and inner search.
A sincere expression of life situations, which have marked us and have created without knowing it, our way of expressing music.
It’s an album that talks about you and me, about being wrong and right, about being honest with your feelings.
The 5 songs that make up this EP have been a way to release thorns and heal those stories from the past that lived in our present.
This album was born from care and effort, trying to take care of every detail and with the musicality that each story requested.
For Alúa “Tesón y Cuenta Nueva” will always mean past, present and future.

And for us, los amigos digitales, it is a real pleasure to try to help their music connect with their audience, so that it enjoys the songs that Alúa has already released, as well as all the ones they have yet to launch!