We work with the artist Argentina and her management LP Flamenco!

November 15, 2023 - Projects


At the end of September we started working with the prestigious singer and her management, around their “Idilio” show presentation in Madrid.

We counted with the collaboration of Teatro La Latina, which was going to host the show, and we were able to work with their pixel to correctly monitor ticket sales.

The advertising campaign worked very well, and having this kind of information, we launched a final retargeting campaign to those people who got till the tickets page, but who hadn’t purchased yet theirs.

The concert was a complete success, and we ourselves were able to witness the tremendous power of Argentina on stage.

After this first collaboration, we have had the opportunity to work on the release of their new song, launched today (November 15th). This is an impressive version of “Dónde está la vida” with Francisco (Pancho) Céspedes.

We have been helping on the previous strategy, working on improving the profiles of the artist on streaming platforms, and now we will help with the digital campaigns on Meta and Google for this release.

It is a pleasure for us to work with Argentina and LP Flamenco, and we are looking forward to continuing to do so with everything that is to come (this single advances her new album)

Watch the video clip of “Dónde está la vida” clicking here or on the image below: