We are working again with HUBERTUS von Hohenlohe!

October 24, 2023 - Projects


We are helping in the digital area and coordinating the media promotion of his new release, “La Lomana”.

More than two years ago we assisted in the birth of Gypsy Prince, the alter ego for his new musical reinvention at that time, creator of the song “Yo no sé cantar flamenco” (that can be translated as “I don’t know how to sing flamenco”)

His new work is signed with his first name, and in capital letters, “HUBERTUS”, and it is a true declaration of principles:

“I want to be famous like Lomana, all that fame for not having done anything at all!”

(As he sings in Spanish in the track)

The single is distributed by Universal Music Spain.

And at los amigos digitales we are very happy to be able to help again, both in the digital area, improving his presence on networks and streaming platforms, and managing the digital advertising campaigns on YouTube, Meta, TikTok… as well as coordinating the promotion of his new single in media.

If you work in the media, and want to close an interview with HUBERTUS, need promotional assets, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us!

Listen to the song on your favorite platform here and watch the funny videoclip directed by Eva Nilsen here or by clicking on the image below: