los amigos digitales get to work at Conciertajo.com

September 23, 2020 - Projects


Conciertajo.com is the “work concert” (as one of the meanings of “tajo” in Spanish is “work”), by the El Carpio del Tajo band (Vigüela) that will take place on October 17th in an interactive format, within the Laborarte 2020 Festival framework.

The public will be able to use tools that allow direct contact with the band to create a collaborative and interactive concert.

Laborarte is an initiative of the ILO Office for Spain and the Madrid city council, which has been in charge of showing how social claims in the workplace are channeled through art. In this proposal by Vigüela for Laborarte, the band will be that channel: prior to the concert, they will collect the public concerns, through two channels:

  1. Topics survey, in which the interest in several topics already proposed is consulted (for example, settlement, Record of Temporary Employment Regulation, relationship with the boss, overtime, precariousness, psychophysical risks, false self-employed…) and others are collected.
  2. “Work stories” contest, through which a new piece will be created based on a life story, chosen by a professional journalists jury. The 5 best stories will receive a CD and the winner will be the star of a new song.

During the concert itself, the lyrics resulting from these previous means of communication will be interpreted.


The concert will be broadcasted on the YouTube channel of the International Labor Organization and on the Facebook pages of the ILO Office for Spain and the Vigüela group.

You can find all the information and participate in www.conciertajo.com

And at los amigos digitales we have had the opportunity to get to work with this exciting project with Mapamundi Música collaborating in the digital side, advising on the strategy, suggesting the website name that centralizes all the action (conciertajo.com) and managing the broad digital advertising campaign supporting the event, which will take place on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Spotify.

It is a real pleasure to get involved with projects as interesting as this one, and with clients as solvent as Mapamundi Música!