We work with the latest Cristina Malakhai’s clip in Spain, Mexico and Colombia

March 16, 2021 - Projects

Cristina Malakhai

The artist Cristina Malakhai has counted with los amigos digitales to manage her campaigns on YouTube to promote her latest videoclip, the remix of “Sólo en invierno” (translated “Only in winter”).

Thus, we have taken care of launching the campaigns aimed to followers of artists related to the artist, as well as on these artists’ channels on the platform, focused on the video of “Sólo en invierno”.

As the artist’s music is very international, the campaigns have been launched not only in Spain but also in Mexico and Colombia.

The results are being very good (in terms of cost and viewing rate) and we are really happy to help much more like-minded public to discover and fall in love with Cristina’s music (if they didn’t already know her)

Check out the videoclip clicking in the image below, and enjoy it too: