We work with Eternidad Eventos managing their digital advertising campaigns

August 16, 2022 - Projects

Eternidad Eventos

We have been working for a few weeks now with the promoter Eternidad Eventos on everything related to digital advertising campaigns for their concerts.

As they usually sell tickets through Giglon, which has the possibility of tracking sales, the first thing we did was to configure everything necessary in their account to be able to know what the ticket sales are as a result of the campaigns.

It is true that this is not always possible, given that the user must accept the cookie warning, Apple devices limit tracking quite a bit, with adblockers it is not possible… but it is still the best way to know if the advertising campaigns are working properly or not.

And furthermore, recently Google has delayed their withdrawal to 2024. Initially this was supposed to happen this year, then it was postponed to the next, TikTok in parallel has been improving the tracking possibilities, and Google has announced this new delay recently. You can read more about it, for example, in this TechCrunch.com news.

Thus, and together with the management offices of the artists who are the protagonists of the concerts, lately we have been managing the campaigns of artists such as Vanesa Martín, Raphael, Sergio Dalma, Fondo Flamenco, Rozalén, Niña Pastori and Miguel Poveda.

We do not want to miss the opportunity to thank the collaboration of their offices in order to reach the audiences of these artists more effectively: RLM in the case of Vanesa Martín, Rozalén and Raphael; MOW Management for Niña Pastori; Mela Music for Sergio Dalma; Presenta Producciones for Fondo Flamenco and The Music Republic for Miguel Poveda.

Right now we are dedicated to the campaigns of the Sotogrande Music Festival, the prestigious series of concerts taking place at the Santa Maria Polo Club in San Roque (Sotogrande). This August 20th, the concerts continue with Vanesa Martín, who will later be joined by artists such as Miguel Poveda, Lola Índigo or Raphael.

Check all the dates of the Sotogrande Music Festival, as well as all the concerts organized by Eternidad Eventos on their official website: