We work with AGU in the launch of his musical project

February 25, 2022 - Projects


Agustín Orozco, the Sevillian musician living in China, has counted on los amigos digitales to advise him on everything related to the launch of his new musical project: AGU.

Next Friday, March 11th, BREAK FREE, his launch single, will be released on the digital platforms (you can presave it in Spotify already here)

EmuBands is the distributor that is ensuring that AGU’s music reaches all of them, and with whom we are working closely.

In BREAK FREE, AGU explores textures and organic harmonies in support of a very personal and sincere message.

The Sevillian uses his first single as a prelude to his incorporation into the commercial music world. In this first release, he explores the concept of a soul liberation that is locked in the wrong box. A soul that doesn’t want that box, or any other, and that needs to explode to break the mold and discover itself naked.

AGU is a professional musician with classical training (his instrument, which will be heard on future releases, is the trombone). To his classical palette he added insights and experiences derived from collaborations in flamenco, jazz, Latin music and contemporary music. His creative and innovative nature have made him travel the world in search of constant personal renewal. He currently lives in the city of Canton (China) and is also active as a trombonist in various projects.

His facet as author and producer comes to light in this first track that explores the power of simple textures combined with harmonic developments nourished by orchestral experience to seek the climax (which coincides with the Break Free verse), and which continues later with a free fall, rejoicing in this new freedom that was always dreamed of.

Find all the information about AGU at www.agu-music.com