We work again with Manolo García!

March 5, 2021 - Projects

Manolo García

If a few months ago we took care of managing the digital advertising campaigns that promoted his collaboration with FEFOC, this time we do the same to support his artistic facets maybe less acquainted by the general public: those focused in painting, drawing and photography.

Thus, and because of the renewal of his paintings and graphic works website, Manolo García’s team decided to count on los amigos digitales once more to launch all the digital campaigns to promote this website.

We have designed all the materials (banners for the display campaign, video in 16:9 format for YouTube and 1:1 for Facebook and Instagram), as well as launched the campaigns on these platforms.

In addition, we have counted with “Manolo García y Compañía” aid for these campaigns, from their website as well as from their profiles on social networks. Thanks to their help, we have reached “organically” Manolo’s “natural” audience (the one who know him for his music side), and with the campaigns we are trying to discover this other Manolo’s facets to those interested in art, photography and drawing (and who might not be aware yet about Manolo cultivating these arts too)

You can take a look at the video created for the YouTube campaign clicking on the image below: