We take care of HiBeats’ digital advertising campaigns

June 17, 2024 - Projects


The global music hub for independent artists, as they define themselves, counts on los amigos digitales to help them with their digital advertising campaigns.

HiBeats‘ objective is to promote independent musicians’s talent.

Its platform allows measuring the success of the songs, and its scoring system provides maximum visibility to artists through its Global Ranking and Top Charts.

The platform allows artists to win and redeem prizes such as gift cards through its monthly challenges. Listeners also have opportunities to earn HiBeats Coins.

Additionally, HiBeats is proudly the only music application with an interactive map to connect. Their responsibles are sure that this interaction will change the way in which artists, producers and music experts will connect and collaborate.

HiBeats can be downloaded on both iOS and Android, targeting a global market, with versions of the app (and web) in Spanish and English (for the moment).

We are proud to have been selected by HiBeats to help them manage their digital advertising campaigns.

Thus, we have taken care of configuring their advertising accounts and properties to be able to track them correctly, to later manage campaigns on various advertising platforms aimed at their objective countries, with different purposes.

Don’t wait to see one of the ads, and discover HiBeats now by visiting their website.