We improve Javier Botella’s website SEO

June 20, 2022 - Projects

Javier Botella

We have been working with the popular artist for several weeks now, and in addition to helping him with his profiles on streaming platforms, we are trying to make his website more easily searchable. And now we are giving him a hand with the promotion of his concert on July 6th in Valencia.

Javier Botella, also known as the Spanish crooner, contacted los amigos digitales a few weeks ago, aware that his presence in the digital area admitted some improvements.

We started by working with his profiles on streaming platforms. In collaboration with his digital distributors, we managed to get his entire discography together in a single profile (as it was divided into two till then), and in parallel we obtained access to all of them.

At TIDAL, with the aid of their responsibles in Spain, we uploaded a profile photo, bio, and links to social networks.

And in Spotify, by verifying the profile, we are able now to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by this platform.

We have also worked on his official website. On one hand, it now includes all the necessary legal texts, cookie notice, and pixels to be able to do remarketing and create look-alike audiences; and on the other hand, as we mentioned initially, we are working on its SEO, so that more people can find it, and his music can reach a larger audience.

Meanwhile, the artist has set up a spectacular show in which he pays tribute to Frank Sinatra, and which will premiere in a single performance on July 6th in Valencia.

From los amigos digitales we are helping with the SEO of the landing page created for the concert, as well as with the advertising campaigns to announce it (both in SEM in Google, as well as in Facebook and Instagram)

In addition, thanks to the verification of the Spotify profile, and the launch of his Songkick account, the date of the concert appears on his profile, and the artist has been able to create (and spread) a playlist with the repertoire that will be played at the concert (you can listen to it here)

If you happen to be close to Valencia for then, don’t miss “My Way: The Sinatra Legacy”. Get your tickets now clicking here or on the image below!