We help with “Dieci6”, Lady Ma Belle’s latest single

March 10, 2021 - Projects

Lady Ma Belle

We are working together with the band as well as with ACE Music (their record label) taking care of the digital advertising campaigns to promote their new song “Dieci6”, that you can listen here.

This song, which was released last week, is part of the 16 families solidarity project that seeks to make 16 families with children with rare diseases, syndrome or any disability that affect their day-to-day known.

The project tries to show that rare diseases are a reality, and how, until they touch us closely, we are not usually aware of what they entail.

“Dieci6” is the song that Lady Ma Belle, the popular Spanish band, has composed for this project.

los amigos digitales have managed the digital campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to support the launch of the single, and we will do the same with the campaign that will support the video on YouTube (which will be premiered on Saturday 13th at 10:30PM)