We help Sierra Leona with “El arte de amar”

February 8, 2021 - Projects

Sierra Leona

“El arte de amar” (translated “The art of loving”) is the new song that Sierra Leona will release this week (on Friday, February 12th), and los amigos digitales have been helping her posts on Facebook and Instagram reach more audiences, so that Sierra Leona has been able to connect with more fans of her music.

We have been managing the advertising campaigns on these platforms, working very closely together with her label, Primavera d’Hivern, and her communication agency, La Trinchera.

Pre-save “El arte de amar” here, and follow Sierra Leona on her social networks in order to stay up to date.

About “El arte de amar” and Sierra Leona:

“El arte de amar” is an ode to the tangible, mature, real love. And it comes as a thank you to all the people who teach us to love in our lives, to place the most honest love above all else. After “Cruzar un río” (translated “Crossing a river”), the debut album that surprised in 2019 with her overwhelming personality, Sierra Leona reappears with “El arte de amar”, the first single released this year. Sierra Leona unleashes her full vocal and lyrical potential with melodies composed from the gut and visceral lyrics with great emotional charge that penetrate inside and never leave you. We are, without a doubt, before one of the future great artists of Spanish pop.