We help “La Herida” (Chloé Bird’s video) reach more people

December 23, 2020 - Projects

And this is so because Candehu Management & Productions, the management agency of the talented artist Chloé Bird, has counted with los amigos digitales so that the great videoclip of the artist’s latest single connects with more audiences on YouTube.

los amigos digitales have taken care of launching a campaign on the popular video platform to advertise this wonderful audiovisual piece to audiences who might not know Chloé until now (and who, for sure, will love her from now on)

We directed the campaign to artists’ fans related to Chloé Bird, showing them directly the videoclip of “La Herida”. The way it was created, it could be shown as a TrueView pre-roll in-stream ad, and take advantage of the fact that YouTube allows the use of “spots” of more than 30 ”.

We also took care of creating the companion banner, with which we have achieved clicks to listen to the single on streaming platforms (although this was a secondary objective)

The results of the campaign are being fantastic, with the video achieving a very high view rate, with a very low cost per view. All this shows, not only how well oriented the campaign is, but, of course, the enormous talent of Chloé Bird, and how good the clip is.