We develop La Pureza Records website!

May 16, 2024 - Projects

La Pureza Records

A little over a year ago (in March 2023 – you can read the news here-) we closed a collaboration agreement with the then brand new label La Pureza Records.

Through that agreement they committed to working with us in the entire digital area.

Since then, we have launched many digital advertising campaigns for their artists (Óscar Barrul, Jaque Original, Salcedo Leyry, Caleb…) and recently we have been working closely with them on their website, lapurezarecords.com

We had absolute creative freedom to build the website taking the label’s logo as a starting point, as long as it corresponded with its values of modernity, elegance, urban music, etc.

Once the label was fully satisfied with the design, our team began developing the website.

It counts with sections for news, concerts, artists, the studio (where other artists are able to record their hits with the latest advances and the greatest comforts), contact forms, mailing lists (with Mailchimp), and even a section for media, so that high-resolution and voluminous material can be downloaded in a very simple way (with prior authorization from the label)

The homepage highlights the label’s latest releases, hottest news, and newest videos. In addition, the playlist with the label’s music on Spotify is embedded, and the latest publications on Instagram are shown.

The website is available in Spanish as well as English, in line with the international reach that the label also pursues.

The web forms are protected by Google reCAPTCHA, and it has all the necessary legal texts (in Spanish and English), as well as the latest technology in the cookie warnings, compatible with the latest technical and legal requirements.

The website is fully updatable by the label, and is hosted on our preferred platform (dinahosting), where in fact this website is also.

Visit the website now, by clicking here, or on the image below. And if you want to have a website as powerful as La Pureza Records, contact us!