We celebrate our 3rd anniversary!

July 18, 2023 - News

We celebrate our 3rd anniversary!

And it is that on a day like today, July 18th, but in 2020, we launched los amigos digitales.

At that time we were still going through that pandemic that we don’t seem to want to remember anymore. The first months we worked a lot through video calls, for obvious reasons, and then because people had not yet returned to the offices.

Be that as it may, this way of working, as the media like to say, “came to stay”, and at this time, although we have already resumed face-to-face meetings, which are always a pleasure, on many occasions we start working with clients who contact us digitally, and whom we meet in person months later.

This has also allowed us to work with a lot of people. Not only from Madrid, but from many other regions in Spain, and also from abroad (Portugal, the United States, Norway, England, the Netherlands…)

We have overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic, in which the live music sector was greatly affected (but not the need for digital promotion by artists for their releases); and then the economic one, caused by the growing inflation and the war in Ukraine, in which this sector (the live music one) is not affected as much as one might have initially imagined (the fact is that people undoubtedly have a strong desire to enjoy their favorite artists live)

Throughout these 3 years we have celebrated June 21st, Music Day, every day, as we love working on this, helping artists to connect their music with their audience; to the promoters, so that the concerts they organize are Sold Outs; to the stores, so that music lovers are able to find their t-shirts, vinyls, tote bags, etc. in them… among many other actors in the sector to whom we have helped.

Thanks a lot to all the artists, management offices, promoters, distributors, ticket platforms, labels… who have allowed us to be your “amigos” (friends) over these years, and who have introduced us to other friends and colleagues in the sector.

It is a pleasure to be your “amigos digitales”!