We are welcomed at the Future Music Forum!

January 25, 2021 - News

Future Music Forum

The Future Music Forum, the prestigious professional meeting of the music world, which until recently was held year after year in Barcelona, ​​has been forced to reinvent itself online (for the reasons that we all know)

Our founder, Álvaro Rebollo Ena, was able to enjoy it as a speaker many editions ago, while he was providing his services at Sony Music Spain.

And now, in los amigos digitales, he is part of the exclusive virtual forum that its organizers have launched.

Every Monday takes place “NewMemberMonday”, in which its host, Niall Doorley, introduces one of the members to the rest of the group.

Today was Álvaro’s turn, who took the opportunity to present our digital agency. Take a look at the video (in English) by clicking on the image below:

Find all the information about the Future Music Forum on its Official Website, and get in touch with them to be part of this exclusive group… if you are not in it yet!

Future Music Forum aims to bring together a cross section of the music industry to help create a space where they can learn from industry executives, hear from some of the most cutting edge companies in the music tech space, build a collaborative community, and network with their peers. Members will be able to gain access to exclusive connections, mentors, make better, more well-informed & savvy decisions that are important to them.