We announce the concerts organized by Emotional Events

December 21, 2021 - Projects

Emotional Events

Emotional Events, with whom we started working thanks to Dani Botillo (they are their managers), has counted on los amigos digitales to manage the digital advertising campaigns of the concerts they organize.

Thus, we have taken care of the pixels configuration on their website and advertising platforms so that the best possible follow-up of the campaigns can be achieved. We work with their team advising them on the content creation in order to achieve the best possible results. And we establish contact with the management offices of the artists of those concerts to gain access as Advertisers, in order to launch the campaigns to their followers (and alike audiences)

Our aim is to achieve the result seeked by all of us: The gig being a Sold Out, and definitely a whole success!

In these last weeks we have been managing campaigns around artists such as Sergio Dalma, Texas, Los Secretos, Ismael Serrano, Niña Pastori, Mónica Naranjo, Antonio José…

It’s a pleasure to work with Emotional Events, feel part of their team, and help them with this… and many other things to come!