We work with La Banda Del Carbón and ACE Music

18 February, 2021 - Projects

We have the pleasure of working with La Banda Del Carbón (translated “The Band Of The Coal”), Xabi Jareño’s artistic and personal project, since the beginning of his recent career at ACE Music. His new… Read more

We help Sierra Leona with “El arte de amar”

8 February, 2021 - Projects

“El arte de amar” (translated “The art of loving”) is the new song that Sierra Leona will release this week (on Friday, February 12th), and los amigos digitales have been helping her posts on Facebook… Read more

How many Ricardos appear in the video of “Cuando”?

19 January, 2021 - Projects

This is the action that we have proposed to the artist Ricardo Marín, and in which we have worked together with his label (Barba Records), to launch his new single and video clip, premiering his… Read more

“Todo va a ir bien” (translated “Everything is going to be fine”)

15 January, 2021 - Projects

And this is it because Dj Moderno sings so in his fourth single since he promised to release one every month in October 2020. At that time the artist decided to start producing material and… Read more

We help “La Herida” (Chloé Bird’s video) reach more people

23 December, 2020 - Projects

And this is so because Candehu Management & Productions, the management agency of the talented artist Chloé Bird, has counted with los amigos digitales so that the great videoclip of the artist’s latest single connects… Read more

We work with Dj Moderno in the launch of his new single

10 December, 2020 - Projects

It is “Ya no eres especial” (translated “You are no longer special”), it will be launched this Friday, December 11th, and los amigos digitales have been advising the popular Spanish Dj and producer on the… Read more

New phase of the FEFOC and Manolo García campaign

3 November, 2020 - Projects

The donation campaign against prostate cancer of the Foundation against cancer (FEFOC) in which Manolo García collaborates, and in which los amigos digitales had the opportunity to help, performed so well that Manolo García’s team… Read more

Manolo García and his team count with los amigos digitales

22 October, 2020 - Projects

Indeed, as we have had the opportunity to increase the digital reach of the donation campaign against prostate cancer of the Foundation against cancer (FEFOC) in which Manolo García collaborates. The artist takes part in… Read more

los amigos digitales get to work at Conciertajo.com

23 September, 2020 - Projects

Conciertajo.com is the “work concert” (as one of the meanings of “tajo” in Spanish is “work”), by the El Carpio del Tajo band (Vigüela) that will take place on October 17th in an interactive format,… Read more

We support new Xabier Grey’s single launch

2 September, 2020 - Projects

los amigos digitales work with the artist Xabier Grey in his new single (“Tu flor en mi cuerpo”) launch. The song is an advance of his next EP, from which two more singles has been… Read more

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