We design the digital strategy around Manu Tenorio’s new single

24 May, 2021 - Projects

As we communicated a few weeks ago, we have been working together with Manu Tenorio and his team for some time already. This has given us the opportunity to design the digital strategy for his… Read more

We manage the digital campaigns of the new Cristina Ramos dates in Madrid

20 May, 2021 - Projects

Producciones Datasa, promoter of the Cristina Ramos‘ concerts at the Coliseum Theater in Madrid on May 21st and 29th, has counted with los amigos digitales to launch the digital campaigns announcing these new dates of… Read more

We advise Esmerarte in the digital area

4 May, 2021 - Projects

The prestigious creative agency Esmerarte has decided to count with the digital advisory services of los amigos digitales. Thus, and for some months already, we have been working closely with their team to take their… Read more

We advertise the latest Manolo García book!

13 April, 2021 - Projects

Manolo García’s team has decided to count with los amigos digitales again, after the good results of the collaborations with the artist’s charity project with FEFOC, and the relaunch of his website of paintings and… Read more

We launch Ricardo Marín’s new album preorder

29 March, 2021 - Projects

The artist, who counted on us for his first single launch through an action focused on his videoclip, has once again counted on los amigos digitales to launch the preorder of his new album. The… Read more

We work with the latest Cristina Malakhai’s clip in Spain, Mexico and Colombia

16 March, 2021 - Projects

The artist Cristina Malakhai has counted with los amigos digitales to manage her campaigns on YouTube to promote her latest videoclip, the remix of “Sólo en invierno” (translated “Only in winter”). Thus, we have taken… Read more

We help with “Dieci6”, Lady Ma Belle’s latest single

10 March, 2021 - Projects

We are working together with the band as well as with ACE Music (their record label) taking care of the digital advertising campaigns to promote their new song “Dieci6”, that you can listen here. This… Read more

We work again with Manolo García!

5 March, 2021 - Projects

If a few months ago we took care of managing the digital advertising campaigns that promoted his collaboration with FEFOC, this time we do the same to support his artistic facets maybe less acquainted by… Read more

We work with La Banda Del Carbón and ACE Music

18 February, 2021 - Projects

We have the pleasure of working with La Banda Del Carbón (translated “The Band Of The Coal”), Xabi Jareño’s artistic and personal project, since the beginning of his recent career at ACE Music. His new… Read more

We help Sierra Leona with “El arte de amar”

8 February, 2021 - Projects

“El arte de amar” (translated “The art of loving”) is the new song that Sierra Leona will release this week (on Friday, February 12th), and los amigos digitales have been helping her posts on Facebook… Read more

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