We work with Carlos Bueso and Latrama Planners

26 January, 2022 - Projects

Latrama Planners, managers of the artist Carlos Bueso, have counted on los amigos digitales, and we are working together with them regarding the imminent release of Carlos’ new single “Le falta”, which will be released… Read more

We help Paralelo 40 with their “Natural Disaster”

12 January, 2022 - Projects

And it is that Ángel Reyero and Fernando Fu, the masterminds behind Paralelo 40, have relied on los amigos digitales to help them so that their “Natural Disaster” (their single originally titled “Desastre Natural”, that… Read more

We announce the concerts organized by Emotional Events

21 December, 2021 - Projects

Emotional Events, with whom we started working thanks to Dani Botillo (they are their managers), has counted on los amigos digitales to manage the digital advertising campaigns of the concerts they organize. Thus, we have… Read more

We manage the digital campaigns of Grupo A Mansalva

13 December, 2021 - Projects

Grupo A Mansalva has counted on los amigos digitales to help them with the digital advertising campaigns of their projects. Right now, for example, we are taking care the Muyeres and Los Berrones‘ shows on… Read more

Okkio counts on us for the launch of his “Immersion” EP

9 December, 2021 - Projects

The Greek/Czech musician and producer Michalis Michailidis, currently based in the Netherlands, and who is behind Okkio, has counted on los amigos digitales to help him with the launch of “Immersion”, his debut solo EP…. Read more

We help Ángel Rielo with his new single release

22 November, 2021 - Projects

The well-known “happyologist” Ángel Rielo has counted on los amigos digitales to help him with the launch of “Gracias” (translated as “Thank you”), the premiere single of the forecoming same name album. The “Gracias” videoclip… Read more

We work with Dani Botillo together with Emotional Events

9 November, 2021 - Projects

Emotional Events, managers of Dani Botillo, have decided to count with los amigos digitales, so that we help them in everything digital with this artist. Dani Botillo is a versatile and multidisciplinary singer, musician and… Read more

We join Ysa Bermejo’s team

5 November, 2021 - Projects

On November 12th “La chica de” will be released. This is the first single of her new work, in which we are collaborating with Ysa Bermejo and her team. We are advising the artist on… Read more

We work with Marisa Valle Roso in her new project

8 October, 2021 - Projects

Today, Friday October 8th, “Cantemos” (translated “Let’s sing”) is released. This is the new Marisa Valle Roso‘s song, and los amigos digitales have the pleasure of accompanying her in this new adventure. Thus, and previously,… Read more

We design Dry Martina’s Madrid concert digital campaign

21 September, 2021 - Projects

Laura Insausti, known artistically as Dry Martina, got in touch with us a few days ago looking for aid with the promotion of her next concert in Madrid on September 25th. So los amigos digitales… Read more

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