We join Diego Guerrero’s team!

1 February, 2023 - Projects

The popular artist Diego Guerrero, nominated for the prestigious Latin Grammy in the “Best Flamenco Music Album” category, has counted on los amigos digitales with his new project. Thus, we are advising with digital strategies… Read more

os amigos digitais e Aurea!

9 January, 2023 - Projects

And it is that “os amigos digitais” (Portuguese for los amigos digitales) have been working for some time with Aurea, one of the most popular artists in our neighboring country. We have been managing the… Read more

We work again with Manolo García!

15 November, 2022 - Projects

Manolo García‘s team has once again counted on los amigos digitales for their digital advertising campaigns. This time for his imminent exhibition in Madrid. Thus, we are managing all the digital advertising campaigns for his… Read more

We advise Emotional Events regarding Simant Duo’s release

3 November, 2022 - Projects

Simant Duo is made up of the talented musicians Rubén Simeó (Vigo, 1992) and Antonio Morant (Valencia, 1991) They have been working together under this name since 2018, having performed in numerous concerts and recordings… Read more

We launch the new Osvaldo Montes’ website

4 October, 2022 - Projects

We have been working for a few weeks now with Osvaldo Montes, the well-known composer responsible for soundtracks for films such as “El lado oscuro del corazón” or television series such as “Los hombres de… Read more

We advertise Borja Niso’s concerts

5 September, 2022 - Projects

Borja Niso, the self-taught pianist with an impressive story behind (which you can read on his own words in his website), has counted on los amigos digitales to manage the digital advertising campaigns of his… Read more

We work with Eternidad Eventos managing their digital advertising campaigns

16 August, 2022 - Projects

We have been working for a few weeks now with the promoter Eternidad Eventos on everything related to digital advertising campaigns for their concerts. As they usually sell tickets through Giglon, which has the possibility… Read more

We take care of the digital advertising campaigns of the Metellinum Festival

5 July, 2022 - Projects

The Metellinum Festival (or MetFest) kicks off this weekend in Medellín (Spain) with Niña Pastori‘s concert, and los amigos digitales have been managing its digital advertising campaigns for months. We have been working with Emotional… Read more

We improve Javier Botella’s website SEO

20 June, 2022 - Projects

We have been working with the popular artist for several weeks now, and in addition to helping him with his profiles on streaming platforms, we are trying to make his website more easily searchable. And… Read more

We develop the new Clara Lorenzo’s official website

10 June, 2022 - Projects

los amigos digitales are helping this promising artist with the music launching process. Thus, we have been managing the advertising campaigns on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram around her latest single (“Lo esencial”), and we… Read more

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