Playlists of Rudi D’s albums on YouTube and new videoclip campaign

September 2, 2020 - Projects

los amigos digitales have created the cover videos of Rudi D‘s two albums and one EP to date, as well as set up his playlists on YouTube, and the cards strategy to maximize traffic.

Although it’s true that these are not services that we offer on our website, their execution gives a good idea of ​​our versatility and services scope.

In addition, we have launched a creative advertising campaign on YouTube with the skippable in-stream format, targeting Rudi D’s latest video clip (from “Nada mejor”, included on his latest album “Ana Berlin”)

The spot uses the first 5”, non skippables, to try to arouse the user’s interest, as well as to fix the artist image and name, to, finally, take him to the videoclip, and invite him to enjoy the rest of the album in the playlist.

See it for yourself by clicking on the image:

Rudi D's spot in YouTube