Collaboration agreement closed with the label La Pureza Records!

March 8, 2023 - Projects

La Pureza Records

And it is that los amigos digitales have been selected by this brand new label to help them in the digital area, as well as, more specifically, with the digital advertising campaigns of all their releases.

We started this agreement at the end of last month, launching the digital campaigns on TikTok, Facebook and YouTube for the single and videoclip “Borracho de amor” by Salcedo Leyry, that you can listen and view here.

And shortly we will collaborate with the new release of the label, by Jaque Original.

La Pureza Records has a passionate team that works as a perfect gear so that their releases go as far as possible.

As they themselves say, “this is the beginning of a path full of music, because Without music, life would be a mistake”.

On their roster they have the talent of the aforementioned Salcedo Leyry and Jaque Original, as well as Óscar Barrul… and future artists of the genre who they will advance. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to be aware of all their movements.

For los amigos digitales it is a pleasure that they count on us from the very beginning as their “amigos”!