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September 29, 2021 - News

Marketing online para la música Podcast

We accompanied Esther Checa (the host of this program) in the latest episode of this podcast to talk about how artists should work on the loyalty process with their audience, reviewing the different practices that have been carried out in the last 20 years in the music industry, and above all, how the digital impulse has now forced them to get more out of the information that is collected from the audience.

In this seventh episode, the Founder of los amigos digitales, Álvaro Rebollo Ena, takes advantage of his more than 15 years of experience in the music industry heading different departments in which CRM has been very important always (until reaching his last position at Sony Music Spain as CRM Manager) to defend how social networks are very important for artists to reach their target audience, but how they shouldn’t miss the possibilities offered by technology to establish direct communication with them. Not only because they shouldn’t be dependent on these networks, but because it’s not too clear right now what will happen with third-party data in the future (as shown by the fact that everyone is trying to get as much first-party data as possible)

In the photo, Álvaro and Esther on Subterfuge Radio, after the recording of the episode:

Listen to the episode by clicking here (or in the previous photo) and read the news on Subterfuge Radio here.

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