Announce with Microsoft Advertising and los amigos digitales

April 17, 2023 - News

Microsoft Advertising

Google has been the most used search engine in many countries worldwide. Nevertheless, according to stat counter data in February 2023, Microsoft’s bing occupies the second position (with, that’s true, nearly a 3% market share)

However, the users will undoubtedly increase in the coming months, since Microsoft is one of the partners behind ChatGPT, and it has been already incorporated in bing, as well as in its Edge browser (available on both Windows and Mac)

At los amigos digitales we also work with Microsoft Advertising. With this platform, search campaigns (SEM) can be launched in a similar way as with Google Ads, reaching that audience there, as well as on the network of sites included in the Microsoft Search Network.

And we have extensive experience launching search campaigns (SEM) on Google, specializing in the music industry (announcing concert ticket sales with tracking if possible, artist releases, etc.), as well as businesses in other sectors, even in conjunction with SEO strategies to improve web positioning.

As they say, “connect with people where and when they’re ready to act”. Get ahead of your competitors, and start advertising with us now on this platform too!